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Round Table: Packaging We Love to Hate

Join Food Starter for this Round Table titled, Packaging We Love to Hate, with Ron Jamieson, The Packaging Alliance.


Round Tables are informal 90-minute presentations where food entrepreneurs have an opportunity to interact with food business experts.


About this Round Table:

One of the best ways to keep on the right track is to learn from the mistakes of others.

Join Ron Jamieson of The Packaging Alliance to learn about common mistakes made in packaging design and how to avoid them.

For this round table, please bring in one package (preferably food or beverage, but not limited to these) that you personally find frustrating or poorly designed as a consumer.

Ron will explain why the package was designed this way, how it was made and what could have been done differently and, in some cases, what the cost implications can be.

We hope this will help ensure that, as you develop the package for your product, your package will be functional, persuasive and deliver consumer sales.


About your Host: Ron Jamieson

Ron Jamieson is the principal consultant for The Packaging Alliance, which he founded in 2003.

Ron’s background spans both consumer packaged goods and the packaging industry, so he understands packaging from the perspectives of the marketer, the retailer, the consumer and the packaging supplier.

During his packaged goods career, much of Ron’s success centred on packaging. He developed the package for Hershey’s top selling product line and led the development team on the first plastic bottle for PINE-SOL cleaner, which propelled the brand to double its sales in two years.

 Ron spent over 25 years in the packaging industry, working on flexible packaging, folding cartons, labels, rigid containers and high graphic corrugated boxes, so he has a broad understanding of many different package formats.

 Over his career, Ron and his teams garnered nearly a dozen Packaging Association of Canada awards for excellence in package design and branding as well as several WorldStars awards.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
14:00 pm - 15:30 pm

Food Starter
76 Densley Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6M 2R3
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