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Market Feasibility Boot Camp LITE To reach early-stage food entrepreneurs no matter where they live in Ontario, we’ve created this 5-week MFBC LITE. In collaboration with George Brown College, District Ventures Kitchen is now offering live-stream, distance education via the Waterfront Campus.

Your five weeks of discovery will include: 


+ Market Feasibility Part 1 & 2 & 3

Focused on assessing the feasibility of your food business, these two half-day sessions will help you understand:

  • Will it sell? Assess the features, benefits and experience of your product
  • What does the competition look like? Who are they, what do they offer, what makes you different?
  • Who is my Customer? What do they want, fear and need? Create a positioning statement.
  • What goals should I be setting? What goals should I set to plan for success
  • Can I make Money? What financial information do I need to know?
  • How long will it take? How long before I make money? How long before I hire an employee? How quickly can I ramp up production?

Get tools, mentoring and peer feedback to help as you roll up your sleeves and develop strategic components for your food business.

+ R&D Case Study and Budget Planner

This 3 hour session will discuss areas in basic food science and the history of food evolving from culinary techniques and the evolution of food processing; ingredient usage fundamentals of kitchen batches to scaling up; introduction to product development process and discussions of case studies; formulating prototypes from concept recipes; formulation costing spreadsheets; basic regulatory knowledge for labeling and discussion of consumer research.

+ Selling Directly to Consumers

This seminar will show Canadian food startup companies how to:

  • Sell directly to the consumer at Farmers’ Markets, Food Shows and Festivals
  • What companies are successful at farmers’ markets and how they do it
  • How to choose and apply to the markets, food shows and festivals
  • Use the farmers’ market for testing of new product concepts and other market research

+ Schedule

To be confirmed. 

+ What’s Missing?

Because the LITE version is delivered via live stream, it doesn’t include sessions where participants actively tour equipment, practice skills, or present ideas to panelists or experts. Despite its reduced scope, this LITE course will help you arrive at the crucial decision of whether or not your food concept has what it takes to launch. Best of all, you’ll make the commute knowing it’s worth every minute.

+ Original Market Feasibility Boot Camp (12 Weeks)

If you have access to Toronto, our 12 week Market Feasibility Boot Camp might be the best option to arrive at the big go/no go decision. In partnership with Goerge Brown College (GBC FIRSt & start GBC), the boot camp will be streamed at GBC Waterfront Campus. Click here to learn about the full sessions including meeting a food product developer, business plan development and business presentations days to Food Stater Board Members and food experts. 



Cost: $500 for 5 courses

Deadline: TBC

Start Date: TBC (January 2019)

Limited to 20 participants

Stay tuned for the next cohort 

Program Advantages
  • Ideal for pre-revenue business owners who locate in outside of Toronto
  • Programming live streamed in the evenings
  • Provides basic information needed to develop the strategic components for new food businesses
  • Discounted special price of just $500 plus tax

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