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Supply Chain 101: What you missed!
April 18, 2019

By Caitlin Pacini, Program Coordinator, Food Starter “If you can’t bring the people to the lemonade, then bring the lemonade to the people” - Cheryl Appleton Here at Food Starter we are lucky to have [...]
Food Starter Fall Bonanza - Newsletter
September 26, 2018
Food Starter Fall Bonanza Move over Octoberfest. Food Starter has a month of events covering everything from cannabis to crowdfunding!  Cooking with Cannabis Recreational cannabis products become legal in Canada on October 17th. In anticipation [...]
What's New In Food Starter? July Newsletter
July 19, 2018
Food Starter Popup Roundtable As part of Food Starter’s Popup Roundtable events, we’re pleased to have Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Life Underwriter® Marlene C. Buxton lead our next topic: How to Structure [...]
How to Test your Food Product Idea
June 14, 2016

Starting a food business is a dream for many people. While it seems that ideas for new products abound, so few food business ideas become profitable businesses.  How do you know which of your ideas [...]
Take Five
June 6, 2016

When we opened the doors to our first cohort of clients in November 2015, we offered our training programs to in-house clients only. Since then we’ve met a lot of food entrepreneurs who are [...]
Learn More About Food Starter - Join our Weekly Tour
October 14, 2015

Looking to learn if Food Starter is right for you? Want to see what the facility is like, what programming is available and how Food Starter can help you build your business? Join one of [...]
Get Cracking! Join our Food Business Incubator
June 15, 2015

Since joining Food Starter, one of the questions I’m asked most often is ‘So, what is a Food Business Incubator?If one of your primary school teachers created a classroom project where she positioned [...]