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Sensory & Taste Posts
The Sense of Touch in Product Evaluation
October 3, 2016

By Sarah Shanahan, Director of Sensory Science, Hale Food When using the sense of touch in the evaluation of food we often refer to the mouthfeel or texture of a sample. Although we will be [...]
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
August 10, 2016

By Sarah Cowen, Director of Sensory Science, Hale Food Let’s clarify this, humans cannot smell sweetness. That’s right, Shakespeare got it wrong all those years ago. Sweetness, along with saltiness, acidity, bitterness, umami ([...]
Best Before Date Confusion
June 16, 2016

by Birgit Blain & Associates Inc, as seen in the Food Biz Blog    Consumers don’t understand what best before dates really mean. And in my experience, some brand owners don’t make the [...]
Odour and Aroma – defining olfaction from a sensory perspective
June 2, 2016

by Sarah Cowen, Director of Sensory Science, Hale Food  Many people use the term ‘aroma’ to describe how something smells, and ‘odour’ is often a term reserved for something that smells unpleasant. From a sensory [...]
Do my eyes deceive me? Sight and its role in
March 30, 2016

by Sarah Cowen, Director of Sensory Services, Hale Food As you may already know, sight is one of the 5 human senses along with, taste, touch, smell and hearing. What many people underestimate is how [...]