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Grocery Wars Series Posts
Retail Reality: Maintaining the Love - Now You’re There, How
July 26, 2018

nbsp; By Charmian Christie, The Messy Baker This is the final installment of Retail Reality, a three-part series examining what’s needed to break into the retail sector and stay there. Because each company’s [...]
GROCERY WARS – Food Waste in Canada - An Epidemic!
January 28, 2017

by Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy   With families feeling the pinch in their grocery bills, many are doing everything they can to save on foods; this includes, switching grocery stores to coupon shopping or [...]
GROCERY WARS – Winning Customer Loyalty in the Age of Product
December 2, 2016

by Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy Higher product transparency is increasingly becoming a global business requirement for companies across multiple markets and industries. So what is the definition of product transparency with respect to the [...]
GROCERY WARS - Emergence of the Kosher Certified Market!
October 31, 2016

by Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy Like a stealth plane that can fly virtually undetected, the Kosher food market has carved a significant niche for itself with little or no fanfare. So exactly, what is [...]
GROCERY WARS - Marketing to the Millennial Mom!
August 12, 2016

By Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy The Millennial Mom has arrived and manufacturers and grocers should take note. Entering their third decade and commencing their own families, these moms are reshaping the way brands reach [...]