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The Next Big Thing: Fressy Bessie leapfrogs from farmer’s
April 26, 2019

By Vibhu Gairola Jackie Kwitko’s company might only just be starting to take off, but the CEO of Fressy Bessie, a business specialising in addictive, home-cooked munchies and lunches for kids and families, says [...]
Food Starter now offers Food Business Training On Demand!
April 24, 2019

Food Starter has made exciting changes to our Food Commercialization Program to make it more flexible and easier to use than ever before! Starting June 1, entrepreneurs can start training and producing at Food Starter [...]
Supply Chain 101: What you missed!
April 18, 2019

By Caitlin Pacini, Program Coordinator, Food Starter “If you can’t bring the people to the lemonade, then bring the lemonade to the people” - Cheryl Appleton Here at Food Starter we are lucky to have [...]
Funding for Food Starter Training
April 13, 2019
Interested in being part of Food Starter’s Food Commercialization Program? We’ve identified two financial resources that might make it easier for start ups to participate: Option 1 The Canada Ontario Job Grant will [...]
The Next Big Thing: NH Foods - Bringing kebbeh to Canadians,
April 2, 2019

By Perry King Nader Hallal built a business around a simple but delicious middle eastern food with Canadian -- and international -- appeal. Hallal is the founder of NH Foods Inc. and creator of Kabkeb Snacks, his [...]
Food Starter Fall Bonanza - Newsletter
September 26, 2018
Food Starter Fall Bonanza Move over Octoberfest. Food Starter has a month of events covering everything from cannabis to crowdfunding!  Cooking with Cannabis Recreational cannabis products become legal in Canada on October 17th. In anticipation [...]
Food Starter Newsletter - Back to School Edition
September 20, 2018
Back to School Edition September is just around the corner, and kids aren’t the only ones returning to studies. Fall is the perfect time for food entrepreneurs to hit the books. Ready to advance? [...]
MFBC LITE - Telecommuting for Food Entrepreneurs
August 27, 2018

Our popular Market Feasibility Boot Camp runs on weekends and evenings to suit busy schedules. But what if you live outside the GTA and commuting isn’t an option? To reach early-stage food entrepreneurs no [...]
Is Market Feasibility Boot Camp Right for You?
August 23, 2018

By Charmian Christie, The Messy Baker Got a food concept you’re ready to flesh out? Have a well-received product but don’t know if it can become a viable business? The Food Starter Market [...]
Rise Up: Women in Food Growth Fund
August 1, 2018
Women can lead and excel in our industry,” says Boris Serebryany, President and CEO of Fiera Foods Company. Yet they aren’t always given the chance. Even though women represent almost half of Canadian business [...]