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Meet our Team! All Food Starter staff are food industry specialists. As a group they have proven track records of success as entrepreneurs, educators and corporate executives. Our staff works closely with Food Starter clients to ensure that our entrepreneurs have access to as much insight as possible while they work here commercializing their products.

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Dana McCauley, Executive Director

Dana’s Experience:

Dana is a seasoned front end marketing executive with extensive experience in all facets of the food business and a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Before joining Food Starter, Dana was Vice President of Marketing Innovation for an internationally successful frozen foods company and an on-air judge for seasons one and two of Canadian reality TV show Recipe to Riches. She continues to contribute frequently as an expert food trend and innovation source for the media. Dana’s YouTube channel Food Trends TV showcases her industry insights in a video format. Dana is the author of four cookbooks, published by top tier publishers, which have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

How Dana can help you:

As Executive Director, Dana works with industry, academia and government agencies to create collaborative relationships and new projects that can propel the food sector toward growth. Dana speaks often at conferences to share insights about how Food Starter is creating the next generation of SME’s who will help Ontario to remain a strong food manufacturing hub.  Contact Dana via email: [email protected]




Janice Bartley, Office Manager

Janice’s Experience:

Janice Bartley has worked with entrepreneurs and students for many years; as an administrator she has created systems and infrastructure for both career and traditional colleges to ensure that trainees and staff can focus on providing exceptional learning experiences. She has many years of experience in hospitality industry training and uses that background to ensure that our programming is delivered in top-notch fashion.

How Janice Can Help You:

Janice is most people’s first point of contact at Food Starter. She’s a keen listener and problem solver who quickly determines what info new clients and visitors need to start working with our team. Janice is also the key contact for accounting and other administrative questions. Contact Janice via email: [email protected]




Carlos Correia, Facility Manager

Carlos’ Experience:

Carlos has a successful food career peppered with a variety of food industry experience. He’s been a plant manager at various types of food production facilities creating products as diverse as meat, bakery and confectionary. He has also been a food entrepreneur himself so Carlos knows exactly what Food Starter clients need to know about safe and efficient food production.

How Carlos can help you:

As a commercialization expert, Carlos can trouble shoot your production process and help you to adapt your plan so that it works well on our equipment. He meets with clients to make sure that they are set up to make their product successfully and to help solve the production challenges that may limit efficient and profitable production. Contact Carlos via email: [email protected]




Kevin Dragan, Production Coordinator

Kevin is a food scientist and technologist responsible for making sure that everyone producing food products at Food Starter has access to the correct equipment. He wrangles the schedule and conducts orientation and hands on equipment training to ensure that everyone is working safely and efficiently on our production floor.

How Kevin can help you:

If you’re interested in using our facilities by the hour and want information about costs and scheduling, Kevin can provide an information package. He also conducts weekly tours of our facility each Friday (to sign up for a tour click here) and he can help you to trouble shoot if Food Starter is the correct facility for your company. Contact Kevin via email: [email protected]