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What they are saying about us! From clients from former District Ventures Kitchen



“Don’t be surprised by the unexpected. FCP provides useful insights for small players.” Rae Williams, Rubee Roselle, Launch and Development Stage participant



“I wanted to produce in a licensed facility,” says Monica Roe of Crooked Tree Fine Foods. “Along with the physical space, Food Starter provides me with storage, refrigeration and production space. Most importantly it allows me to connect with people in the industry, from marketing professionals to food safety experts – I would not have gotten this anywhere else.”



“It’s been amazing,” notes Nimi Kular of Jaswant’s Kitchen. “They have basically taught us how to run a food production facility – a lot of it can be overwhelming. The staff here have been so helpful. It would have been impossible to do it on our own.”



“We really appreciate all the support we’ve received from Food Starter. It’s been a great place to learn and we’re looking forward to learning more and getting even better as we move forward.” Lee and Eli Cadesky, One Hop Kitchen



“Just a quick note to let you know how I much I enjoyed the Market Feasibility sessions, I got more out of them than I could have possibly imagined. Not having a business background, it was a lot to take in and I need to let the information percolate a little and work with the numbers on my own, but it was important stuff for me to consider. The presentation itself was full of useful information and I’ve let Emily and Joe know that their hard work on it really came through. But I think the most valuable ideas that I can apply directly to my business came from others taking the workshop. I left both days feeling energized by the discussions and ideas that came up.” Aaron Albert, Aaron’s Granola

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