Providing a Launchpad for
discovery, creation and success.
ABOUT DISTRICT VENTURES KITCHEN District Ventures Kitchen provides business advisory services and structured training to help companies scale and grow their food processing businesses.

Mission, Vision, Values

To be a leader and innovator in the development of Ontario’s food manufacturing sector

Provide a launch pad for education, discovery and success in food product creation and commercialization

Organizational Values

Supporting success by creating an environment that values:

  1. Commercialization – support food businesses as they take their innovative ideas from concept to store shelves
  2. Collaboration – encouraging food entrepreneurs to learn from institutions, industry insiders and each other
  3. Learning – providing the foundations of understanding that will help food businesses to succeed
  4. Innovation – encouraging entrepreneurs to balance  new ideas and best practices in food manufacturing
  5. Growth – nurturing the growth of the food economy

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