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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Food Starter provides business advisory services and structured training to help companies scale and grow their food processing businesses.

As Chair, I am very proud to represent Food Starter’s diverse Board of Directors, who are some of the strongest industry leaders in the country. We support Food Starter with an entrepreneurial eye and depth of experience that ensures food business success on any scale ranging from start up to SME’s and even large scale food businesses.

As a not for profit Food Starter is an institute of growth, providing business acceleration and processes which guide our the clients to success. Food Starter is a flexible, well-constructed food grade facility with experienced, knowledgeable staff, supported by a Board who care about our industry, its growth and success. We are a leader and innovator in the development of Ontario’s food manufacturing sector, and through a proven track record of successful business clients Food Starter has positively impacted our economy through innovation, commercialization, scale up and job creation.

Our Board ensures that sustainable, safe and innovative food products are successfully introduced and grown in Ontario. Our good governance and thoughtful guidance ensure that Food Starter will continue to be a major contributor to practical, sustainable food industry growth, within the most creative, entrepreneurial culture I have had the pleasure to experience in more than 30 years.


Doug Alexander
Food Starter


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