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MFBC LITE – Telecommuting for Food Entrepreneurs

August 27, 2018

Our popular Market Feasibility Boot Camp runs on weekends and evenings to suit busy schedules. But what if you live outside the GTA and commuting isn’t an option? To reach early-stage food entrepreneurs no matter where they live in Ontario, we’ve created MFBC LITE. In collaboration with George Brown College (GBC FIRSt & GBC Start), Food Starter is now offering live-stream, distance education via the Waterfront Campus.

Give Me Five!

MFBC LITE delivers 5 course that will help you reach the crucial go/no go decision without having to leave home. You’ll attend class via webinar while 12-week MFBC participants sit in class. You’ll see the same instructor, get the same information, and still be able to ask questions.

Over the course of the LITE Boot Camp, you’ll determine your market position, define your target audience, and get a solid overview of entrepreneurship. You’ll also study research and development, learn budget planning, and learn about packaging trends and regulations. The five LITE courses are:

  1. Market Feasibility 1 
  2. Market Feasibility 2
  3. Market Feasibility 3
  4. R&D Case Study and Budget Planner
  5. Freshly Packaged  

What’s Missing?

Because the LITE version is delivered via live stream, it doesn’t include sessions where participants actively tour equipment, practice skills, or present ideas to panelists or experts. Despite its reduced scope, this LITE course will help you arrive at the crucial decision of whether or not your food concept has what it takes to launch. Best of all, you’ll make the commute knowing it’s worth every minute.

Ready to invest in your future?


Cost: $500 for 5 courses

Deadline September 7, 2018

Start Date: September 12, 2018

Limited to 20 participants

Apply via Eventbrite

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