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March 6, 2018

Events Big and Small

FAB Loci Toronto

“We know it’s critically important to be very intimate in the early stage innovation ecosystem and build good relationships not only with brands but all the local/national enablers like Food Starter.” Pete Speranza, 301 Inc.

With this in mind, 301 Inc (General Mills’ venture arm) joined forces with VEB(The Coca-Cola Company’s venture arm) and Food Starter for a one-time, invitation-only evening of networking with local food and beverage entrepreneurs. On February 8th, 72 attendees from 38 companies from across the GTA met at Speducci Mercatto for small group discussions and networking in an intimate venue. Speducci supplied the space, an impressive charcuterie and cheese spread, as well as beverages.
FAB Loci Toronto is the sixth in a series of cross-country networking events designed to give back to the community. Its aim was not only to give local innovators an opportunity to network with peers, but also to see what support was needed in the community to help build their businesses. Did it succeed?
While everyone who answered the survey said they’d attend a similar event in the future, Jan of My Healthy Kitchen sums up the collective enthusiasm in her response. When asked what she liked about the event, she wrote:
“The ambiance, the intimacy, the food, the venue… but above all, the camaraderie between Food Starter clients and the interesting, and educating guests. Networking and connecting with fellow clients gives us all a boost of pride, energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Food Starter for inviting me, my guest, Selina, and exposing My Healthy Kitchen to a broader base of interesting and interested, people.”
The organizers were also impressed. Speranza says, “I thought the location was great, the food was out of this world and the talent in the room was incredible. You guys are also so lucky up there and have done an amazing job building a great food innovation ecosystem.”
We’re blushing.
Interested in co-hosting an event in the future? Have an idea of an event or business partner you’d like to network with? Contact [email protected].


Let’s team up at SIAL Montreal

This year marks the 15th anniversary of North America’s largest food innovation tradeshow. Last year’s show in Toronto was big, but this year’s promises to be even bigger. The venue has floor space for 1,000 exhibitors, and expects 18,500 buyers from across Canada, the USA, and around the globe. 
Want to be a part of this world-class event? Contact [email protected] for news on discounted rates, deadlines, and opportunities to team up with other Food Starter clients.
St. Lawrence Farmers’ Market
Each Saturday, Food Stater features two clients at our St. Lawrence Farmer’s Market booth. Vendors not only showcase their goods, they receive vital customer feedback, and  have a chance to meet the buying public face-to-face. Interested in this market opportunity? Contact [email protected] 
Saturday, March 3
Saturday, March 10
Saturday, March 17 Saturday, March 24 Saturday, March 31
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