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Sustainability Round Table Series 

July 7, 2017

by Meena Hassanali, Provision Coalition

What does sustainability have to do with your food and beverage start up business? Let me tell you.

In February 2017, an important report on Canada’s economic growth agenda was released. This report directed by Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau and authored by the Advisory Council of Economic Growth recommended bold actions on driving economic prosperity in Canada. 

In the report, The Path To Prosperity ( the Council identified agriculture and food as one of the most promising sectors in Canada. The report states: “The sector has the potential for substantial growth and export improvement and the opportunity to become the trusted global leader in safe, nutritious and sustainable food for the 21st century.”

Based on my experience working in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, this statement is correct. At Provision Coalition, we have worked with companies, both small and multi-national food businesses, and their commitment to integrating sustainability into their business strategy, operations and culture has been inspiring. These facilities are concerned with their environmental footprint and their social impact. They understand that an operation that runs as cleanly and as efficiently as possible is also successful and profitable. Process improvements processors make to their operations whether it be in reducing a food waste streams, decreasing water usage or conserving energy also translates to cost savings. Equally important is the human capital in any operation. Creating a culture based on employee engagement and investment is an important part of a successful team and in setting the tone for community involvement.

The start-up of a new business is an exciting time. It is also the ideal time to implement a company’s business strategy that is sustainable. New companies have the opportunity to offer a fresh and transparent message with clients and customers on how they conduct their business.

Join me for Provision Coalition’s Sustainability Round Table Series at Food Starter where we will roll up our sleeves and look at how you can take action to embed sustainability into your business. I will be reviewing Provision’s on-line Sustainability Management System tools and resources that are easy to access and available at no cost. Together we will walk through how to use the tools and build benchmarks for your new business.

I will also share details about Provision’s SMS Support Program where companies have the opportunity to get up to $15,000 worth of strategic planning sessions!

For more information go to or contact me directly at [email protected]