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The Next Big Thing: Yumba Meal Delivery Service

May 25, 2017

by Amanda Scriver

For many busy folks, creating a meal plan can seem like a somewhat daunting task. Young professionals and small families can spend a lot of time balancing their busy schedules day-in and day-out. From buying groceries to finding recipes online to consistently make and prepare – it can be a lot that most don’t have the time or capacity for.

This is how Will Bowcott and Kevin Le came up with the idea for their weekly meal service, Yumba. The pair have tried to take the guesswork out of meal planning by providing their subscribers with healthy, high-quality meals made fresh to order each week starting as low as $10.99 per meal.

Many consumers admit that they experience barriers such as price, time, or nutritional knowledge when trying to access good foods, which Bowcott addressed by acknowledging “We knew that this didn’t have to be the case and set out to change the way people eat forever. Most busy people do not have an easy outlet to high-quality healthy meals.”

Throughout the last year, Yumba has been on a mission. Le, who acts as their product developer and chef has spent his time creating a menu of meals designed to exceed customer expectations. Bowcott explains that in each Yumba meal, a customer will find a wide variety of vegetables, good clean starches, lean proteins, and dietary necessary fats to power them through their day. Each week, customers choose flavour-packed dishes like chicken tikka masala or portobello Romanesco or the ever popular burrito bowl.

While Le has prepared weekly meals with some key factors in mind including: taste, presentation, health, and practicality, their customers have been the driving factor in their success. Ana Grullon – a Yumba customer, explained that after testing out many delivery services she found Yumba’s “presentation, taste and price is 100% unbeatable.” Each and every week, customers like Ana are returning and ordering weekly’s meals making dishes like their chimichurri chicken, maple Dijon salmon, and roasted garlic and pepper steak some of their most popular.

The meal planning service continues to grow throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) because of the Yumba team’s commitment to quality and taste. Bowcott and Le have bright plans for the future:  milestones include to expand outside the GTA within the next year and to have a presence throughout Canada within the next five years.

Yumba recently moved into the Food Starter space. Bowcott shares, “The food business can be tough to navigate. Food Starter has created an amazing outlet to help passionate individuals enter the market with confidence.” Both Le and Bowcott have enjoyed the collaborative environment of the Food Starter space sharing that “it’s been nice to be around so many people with a passion for everything culinary.” As the pair continue their expansion plans, the meal planning service seems to be flourishing with happy customers returning week after week.