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The future of Ontario’s innovative food industry!

May 2, 2017

This year at AMI’s annual Food and Beverage Conference, held in Niagara Falls, many of the food industry leaders in Ontario came together to discuss the future of food in our province. The meeting gave rise to great ideas and fostered enthusiasm among the group. On the agenda was discovering how stakeholders from farmer’s to food business accelerators can work together to help commercialize food business ideas faster and more successfully.

During the meeting, artist Erica Botta captured the main discussion points and findings in these colourful graphics!

In the first graphic, we see the conversation starting right at the roots. The group of more than 20 stakeholders discussed what a start-up is and what it would mean to create a network for these entrepreneurs.

In the second graphic, the group tries to loop together all aspects of the farm to food store shelf: incubation, acceleration and commercialization. All aspects of the food business are represented here; farm, marketing, research and development, and challenges which are faced by all entrepreneurs and incubators.

In the final graphic, the thought leaders determine speculation on how to become a unified voice the help everyone to succeed with their food businesses.

What happens next? Dialogue continues with a plan to present a unified and focused ask to the provincial and federal governments to help food entrepreneurs and SME’s to have access to the services, facilities and supports they need to make Ontario the strongest food cluster in North America!

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Thank you to the Agri-Food Management Institute for hosting this meeting, and to the Greenbelt Fund for facilitating the discussions at this meeting.