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Food Starter entrepreneurs participate in Humber College’s Bachelor of Commerce Capstone Project

February 21, 2017

by Amanda Scriver

Since last summer, we’ve been working behind the scenes with Humber College professors Pierre-Pascal Gendron and Youssef Youssef to create a wonderful opportunity for Food Starter clients to work with graduating students in the college’s Bachelor of Commerce program.  To graduate, these students need to complete a Capstone Project where they create a strategic document for a real company; the project is worth 60% of their grade and they must pass to graduate.

The college has matched student groups with our very own Food Starter entrepreneurs to help them to grow their existing food businesses. Our mandate at Food Starter has always been to help make and create jobs in the food sector and we’re excited not only to be helping our clients to grow their businesses but also to introduce the food business to the next generation of business people.

Students in the Humber Bachelor of Commerce Capstone Program will get the opportunity to work one-on-one with our thriving Food Starter business owners to learn hands-on and transferable skills that will nourish their careers for years to come. This program will help the students not just become more employable with real working experience, but also help our entrepreneurs obtain tools and resources that will help them to scale up.

The program, beginning in February and taking place until April, will see the students working alongside the entrepreneurs to help them develop everything from international expansion plans, sales plans and marketing strategies. This first incubation of the Food Starter and Humber College partnership, involves the following entrepreneurs:

  1. Gryllies
  2. Nona Vegan
  3. Mod Garden
  4. Fressy Bessie
  5. Carolina’s Box of Goodness
  6. Crooked Tree

 We have always been very keen on interdisciplinary collaborations that can help our business owners explore new and innovative ways to commercialize their product or services. Jackie Kwitko, owner of Fressy Bessie Foods explains, “I started at Food Starter one year ago and it has been a great opportunity. Not only have they helped connect me with suppliers to move my products along, but they have helped me speed up production.” She’s hoping that by taking part in The Captstone Project that she can accelerate her business success.

Over the course of the next few months, you’ll be hearing more from us (right here on the blog) about how these projects progress and what students are learning from our Food Starter entrepreneurs.  We hope that you’ll follow along with us!