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Unifiller Partners with Food Starter

December 13, 2016

Food Starter is very proud to announce our recent partnership with internationally renowned food technology company Unifiller Systems. With North American head offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Unifiller is an innovative company who designs, builds and markets a wide range of food portioning and pumping machines. They are the leading supplier in this field and ship their products worldwide.

“We are very excited to have formed a working partnership directly with Food Starter where entrepreneurs can benefit from the many solutions these machines provide to both start up companies and established food producers alike,” notes Stewart MacPhearson, VP of Sales & Marketing at Unifiller.
Because of this new relationship, Food Starter now has a number of Unifiller’s most versatile models available in our shared use incubator kitchens. The machines enable small scale food manufacturers to fill food products very accurately, precisely and quickly — including foods that may contain large chunks of meat and cooked vegetables such as potato salads. Besides providing machinery, Unifiller is also offering free consultation to interested parties who want help using and customizing the equipment to optimize their particular process.

Jackie of Fressy Bessie using the Unifiller to make her famous ice pops

“Giving our clients access to manufacturing solutions that can help them to become more efficient and profitable makes Food Starter different from a commercial kitchen,” points out Food Starter Facility Manager Carlos Correia. “These innovative tools are available to everyone in our Food Commercialization Program as well as to hourly clients, many of whom are already using Unifiller machines to solve their technical challenges.”

Food Starter hopes to launch many more corporate partnerships in the future. To explore how Food Starter can bring value to your brand, please contact Executive Director Dana McCauley.