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Organic Marketing, a Smart Way to Grow Your Business

December 6, 2016

by, Michael Rubino

One of the biggest challenges small business and start-ups face is getting your message out to potential customers. Whether it is B2B or B2C Organic Marketing is a cost effective way to reach and keep your customers engaged. As a small business we lack the large-scale budgets our competitors have in order to reach our customer base. Organic Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message across without busting your bank account.

What is Organic Marketing? 

Most people define Organic Marketing as an on-line strategy where you use content to engage potential consumers or businesses. I expand that definition to include what I call “boots on the ground” as part of that strategy. “Boots on the ground” organic marketing uses content the same way as an on-line strategy does but with a human element. While this approach is time consuming the results can transform your business to a whole new level.

What approach should I take for a successful on-line strategy?

  1. Make sure you are hanging out in the same space where your potential buyer is spending his or her time. I can’t emphasize how important this point is in order to reach potential buyers of your product or service. If your message is not relevant to the end user you are wasting your time. Always ask yourself: is what I am posting relevant to someone who might potentially buy my product or service?
  2. While blogging is an effective tool in an on-line strategy it is not the only tool. Posting other peoples articles and bloggs speaks volumes of what message you are trying to send and can often give you creditability. Make sure you add social media share icons to all of your posts. This makes it easy for other people to send out your message and extends your reach.
  3. Make sure you are using keywords and phrases that are common in your industry. This makes it easier for people to find your content.
  4. Personalize your approach. If someone engages with you send him or her a personal message. If you reach out directly to an individual the bond becomes much stronger and that person is more likely to follow you and stay with you on your journey.
  5. Seek out market leaders in your business arena and reach out to them. Engage in their forms. Share their content. Try to get a better understanding where they are getting traction and follow them. This will also give you credibility.

What approach should I take for a successful “boots on the ground “ strategy?

  1. While the age of the Internet has transformed the way we operate our businesses-we are still human beings and enjoy interaction. “Boots on the ground” organic marketing is all about human interaction. Think about it in terms of networking-although with a strategy. There are many different panel discussions, conferences, trade shows, ect. Seek out the ones that are relevant to your business. Once you have made a laundry list of events that you want to attend start to do research on the people that you want to meet. Do your homework before you attend and once you are there don’t be shy! My experience has been that if you reach out to people and demonstrate a genuine interest they will want to talk to you and more importantly help you. Finally, after the event reach out to the people that you have engaged and try and set up a one on one with them to keep the dialogue going. This is time consuming, but it works!
  2. Get involved in your community. We all live in a vibrant community where there are all kinds of programs and events that are happening around us. Seek out the programs/events that interest you and where your business interests are best aligned. Be active and socialize with the people in your community. You will find that anyone that is participating in this environment generally is interested in helping one another. Active community involvement will help to build and grow your business. It is all about meeting new people and expanding your reach.

Organic marketing is an effective way to grow your business. It takes time and perseverance. The biggest pit fall for most people is they give up to soon and they are not consistent in their approach. I have just scratched the surface on the value of Organic Marketing in this blog. Do your research and you will see the results of your efforts over time!