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Thinking of exporting your product? Remember that flavour preferences aren’t universal

July 20, 2016

by Nourish Food Marketing 

We frequently helps our clients fine-tune the taste profile of their products for export or import. Flavours that are enjoyed by North American consumers don’t automatically work elsewhere.

To give an example, European consumers prefer more subtle flavours, whereas the North American consumer will select more assertive options. Even within related cultures there are significant differences to be found, with Canadians preferring more salty flavours, as opposed to the sweeter palate of the US food consumer.

Remember this when you’re thinking about exporting – just because your product is much loved in your home culture doesn’t mean it will work elsewhere.

Here’s an amusing buzzfeed video, serving German food to Americans. While most of them are well liked, some reactions are hilarious.

Article written originally by Nourish Food Marketing, for The Checkout. Nourish Food Marketing partners frequently with Food Starter to deliver seminars and consulting services. To learn more about marketing your food, check out their website and subscribe to The Checkout.