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Research Study: How well do you know the Canadian Halal Consumer?

July 20, 2016

by Nourish Food Marketing

For the first time in Canadian history, we have an original piece of quantitative research about the Halal consumer, with significant implications for food manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants.

Together with Halal & Co. and the International Food Marketing Alliance, Nourish has produced a study that shines a light on a burgeoning demographic.

Here’s what Halal grocery shoppers really think about food companies ..

  • 70% feel food companies don’t do a good job of meeting their needs
  • 61% say major grocery chains don’t do a good job of meeting their needs

With the Canadian Muslim population growing at roughly 13 per cent annually, you really can’t afford not to know how to sell to this market.

A tasty data morsel that might surprise you

The majority of Halal grocery shoppers say they don’t need packaging that has an “Islamic” look to be considered authentically Halal.

Interested in export? Take a world view

The world market for halal products is estimated at $1 trillion and is expected to make up 20% of the world’s food trade by 2018.

To arrange a presentation of the full study, send an email to Jo-Ann McArthur, [email protected]


Article written originally by Nourish Food Marketing, for The Checkout. Nourish Food Marketing partners frequently with Food Starter to deliver seminars and consulting services. To learn more about marketing your food, check out their website and subscribe to The Checkout.