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How to Test your Food Product Idea

June 14, 2016

Starting a food business is a dream for many people. While it seems that ideas for new products abound, so few food business ideas become profitable businesses.  How do you know which of your ideas deserves an investment of your time and money?

 At Food Starter we spend a lot of time thinking about questions like these!  After meeting and working with hundreds of food business entrepreneurs, we’ve developed two tools that can help you to not just evaluate but also to hone your food idea into a saleable concept.

  1. Scrutiny: our Market Feasibility workshops were created in partnership with MaRs Discovery District and are designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to launch food businesses. The process involves two half days of in class workshopping with a week in between to do competitive and pricing research that allow you to test the viability of your idea as a business and to find ways to tweak it to make it stronger and more likely to succeed.
  2. Launch: for entrepreneurs who have taken this workshop and want to start building their food business we offer a 13 week Food Commercialization Package called Launch that provides training, consulting, mentorship and shared production and packaging facilities.

Get crackin’ on your food business today!  Take our quiz that assesses your food business status and find out if Market Feasibility or Launch are right for you!