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How to Break into National Chains with a Food Product

June 14, 2016

Each day at Food Starter, entrepreneurs tell me that they define success as getting their products onto the shelves of national grocery chains. Sometimes, these entrepreneurs aren’t ready to tackle that goal; they need time to ladder up their business by starting at Farmer’s Markets and growing their skills and sales to be ready for such success. But, for the entrepreneurs who have succeeded as small, artisan style food businesses, we have tools and programs that can help them take their brand across Canada!

Feel like your business is ready to take the leap from ‘home town hero’ to national distribution?  Review our checklist below:

  • My business has a validated HACCP plan and food safety and quality systems that back up our supply chain and ensure our production is traceable.
  • My business has invested in equipment that makes us independent and able to grow capacity quickly.
  • Our product is made in a provincially or federally compliant space that will allow me to sell to top tier retailers
  • At least one person on our team knows how to draw a floor plan and evaluate appropriate production spaces, co-packers, distribution partners
  • My sales team has a fantastic sales deck and understands not just how to get our products on shelf but keep them there.

If you left one or more box blank, it’s likely that your company can benefit from Food Starter’s Growth Stage Food Commercialization Program. Take our quiz that assesses your food business status and find out if our Growth program is right for your business.