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The Next Big Thing: Tropix Coconut Drops

February 4, 2016

You may or may not be familiar with coconut drops. These treats have been loved by generations of Jamaican schoolchildren.The drops are clusters of chewy, glorious, sun kissed goodness, but not too sweet. Coconut Drops have been a big part of Jamaican tradition and history for many decades. Denise’s products honour these traditions, as well as providing a contemporary spin with new flavour combinations – cranberry and apricot.

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In the Kitchen:  

Denise Edwards’ unique product is whimsically inspired by fresh coconut snacks straight out of her childhood. “I first tried them in primary school” Denise says. “And I was hooked for life.” 

Denise began making the coconut drops at home for friends and family and eventually took some to work one day to share. They were a big hit at the office and soon became a highly requested dish – potlucks, gifts, etc

“The process begins with fresh crunchy coconuts; we break open a crisp new coconut every time we make these candies” Denise explains. “Tropix Coconut Drops are handmade in small batches, using exclusively the best quality ingredients, with attention to everything from flavour to packaging.” The result of this wonderfully handmade process is a delightfully delicious taste, that is simply irresistible. Denise aspires to share her Coconut Drops with anyone willing to try something new!


On the Market:  

Tropix was chosen as one of five finalists in The Next Great Food Product Contest 2012! The contest, sponsored by Enterprise Toronto / City of Toronto, was open to new commercial food or non-alcoholic beverage companies and held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

“As one of the lucky finalists, Tropix had the opportunity to present our products at the Small Business Forum. It was an exciting day and although Tropix was not the winner, we are thrilled to have been among the finalists in a large field of food and beverage offerings. We received excellent feedback from the panel and came away from the event energized for our next challenge!”

The selection committee, comprised of a panel of food industry experts, included three of the Greater Toronto Area’s top “foodies”: Celebrity Chef, Christine Cushing; Pusateri’s Fine Foods Manager, John Mastroianni; and Dufflet Rosenberg, CEO, Dufflet Pasties.

Do you know anyone with invested interest in developing industrial kitchen equipment? 

Over the past two years, Denise has struggled with trying to find an existing machine appropriate to scale up her production process. She hopes to work with someone to develop a solution for her unique process needs in the near future. With the innovative nature of Toronto’s booming startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem, she is bound to connect with the right person soon!




Coconut Right on Trend:  

The popularity of coconut doesn’t end with trendy coconut water. There is a variety of coconut derived ingredients available to foodpreneurs —from coconut oil to coconut flour and coconut milk. These ingredients are increasingly being used in home kitchens, restaurants and packaged foods. More on health benefits.



Connect with Denise 

You can find Tropix sold in some Caribbean stores, as well as other locations around the GTA. 

These locations include: Sheffler’s Deli, (St Lawrence Market), Kitchen Table, Dufflet Pastries, Mr Jerk, and Danforth market.

Check back with us in the coming months for updates about Tropix treats!

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