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The Next Big Thing: Brian of Craft Dogs

February 28, 2016

Brian Morin is a foodservice consultant specializing in menu development, systemization and training for restaurants, pubs and breweries. As a Certified Chef de Cuisine with over thirty years of experience, Brian has a clear vision and passion for hospitality and people.

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On the Market:  

Scratch hot dogs made passionately – that’s Craft Dogs! Craft Dogs was first created as a fast casual restaurant, utilizing local, wholesome meats and produce. “It‘s about our guests having a memorable experience and wanting to taste simple, clean flavours” says Craft Dog pack leader Brian Morin.  Seeing a bigger opportunity to share his high quality products with more people by moving his production to a food processing facility, Brian closed his Craft Dog restaurants 13 months ago. He is now focused on selling the product to gain recognition through retail, and then potentially reopening restaurants in the GTA. Today his number one goal for Craft Dog is to coordinate custom work in restaurants – providing high quality, artisan meats for menus. For example Craft Dogs chicken and avocado hot dog is made from fresh, whole muscle Ontario chicken and fresh, ripe avocados instead of the imported frozen ingredients used by other chicken hot dog producers. There are “No nitrates, phosphates, protein powders, fillers, artificial anything, or mechanically separated anything in our wieners,” notes Morin.


 Craft Dogs’ product list boasts small-batch, gourmet wieners (of all varieties) served with top-notch ingredients. “Our product is wholesome natural.”  You can feel proud when you serve our products to others, including children. No nitrates – No guilt trip!”

 Of course the conscientious and creative culinary process doesn’t stop there. “At Craft Dogs we’re making our own condiments, pickles, sauerkraut, ketchup, sodas, cheese, and pies for milkshakes.”  In typical gourmet style, Craft Dogs pulls out all the stops — that’s what happens when a certified chef de cuisine turns his focus toward making a ball park basic!


Brian understands operating your own business and can appreciate first-hand how hard it can be in today’s environment.  He has initiated a number of notably successful culinary projects over the years, launching over a dozen new restaurants, including BeerBistro and the first conception of Craft Dogs.  Despite this impressive pedigree, even a successful industry professional such as Brian can benefit from the many services offered at Food Starter. He’s finding Foodstarter a reliable launch platform, where Brian can consult with food industry experts for insight and advice as, well as work closely with other members of the program to receive honest feedback and encouragement. 




Connect with Brian 

Check back with us in the coming months for updates about Brian’s culinary adventures!

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