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The Next Big Thing: Sunny of Sherni’s Authentic Curry Sauces

February 4, 2016

Do you enjoy the delightful aromatic experience of preparing an authentic Indian meal? Do you adore creamy smooth butter chicken and other traditional curry sauces? Do you crave fresh ingredients? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you need to know about Sunny Sharma, Canadian entrepreneur whose passion is to bring authentic Indian dishes to everyone including consumers who have not previously cooked Indian food at home before.

In the beginning Sunny and his father started making products when they recognized a need in the market for Indian cooking sauces that deliver true Indian cooking flavour.  Since then Sherni’s sauces have been perfected with the finest natural ingredients and traditional family recipes handed down over many generations. “Our mother always used the freshest ingredients.  She never used gluten, thickeners or artificial preservatives and definitely no MSG,” Sunny shares. “We never saw or heard of any of these products in our kitchen. She prepared delicious, nutritious meals without compromise.”


In the Mix

Although Sherni’s sauces can be used to enhance meat and fish, each sauce is 100% vegetarian. “We use fresh onions, ginger, garlic and a blend of aromatic spices to prepare our delicious, award winning curry sauces,” Sunny says.Their products are born of a commitment to homestyle cooking coupled with respect for the culinary arts. “Our sauces are deeply rooted in family tradition,” notes Sunny. ” Our family has been in the food industry for over 50 years, on four different continents.” Combine these features with the culinary insight chef Ashok Sharma (recipe creator, and director of production) brings to the brand as its creative force, and the end result is a product with a taste and quality that can not be matched. Ashok  has been cooking since his early teens when he started working as a dishwasher. Eventually moving up the ranks to be an  apprentice to a grand chef from Tokyo  in a major hotel in London England. “Ashok brings his palate and passion to every dish he creates and this is evident every time you use Sherni’s curry sauce” says Sunny. 



On the Market

It’s been 10 years since Sherni’s sauces first emerged on the market. During that time the founders have invested in food engineers and scientists to help develop and standardize superior tasting sauces. The development of the taste, natural offering and branding has evolved especially over the past 3 years. The hard work and attention to detail has paid off as Sherni’s can now be found at premium supermarkets such as Longos, Starsky’s, and Market Fresh.  Notably, in 2012 Sherni’s Sauces won the International Food Of the Year Award At the Toronto International Centre Food Show.

What’s next for Sunny and his sauces? “I spend my ‘me time’ researching food trends and cooking styles.”  He adds, “in 5 years I’d like to see myself in my own factory producing Sherni’s sauces, as well as other products. My goal is to be an industry leader and innovator.””Food Starter has helped us substantially by providing us with a factory to produce without investing in expensive equipment.” says Sunny ” They have also provided us with business training, helping us to really perfect our business endeavours. Being here is going to help us to grow and build on the foundation we’ve created over the last decade.”


Kitchen Equipment

To produce the sauces a number of Food Starter’s industrial kitchen equipment types are used. First an Industrial kettle is used to heat the sauce, then a pump and filler are used to transfer the sauce to containers. An auto capper immediately seals the jars for safe storage. Finally a labeler adds the final touches to the packaging and the product is ready to go! 

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Connect with Sunny 

Check back with  in the coming months for updates about Sunny’s progress!

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