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Naturally Delicious – Inspiration from Good Food For Good

February 13, 2016

When Richa Gupta hosted a dinner party of homemade Mexican fare, she never could have imagined that casual conversations and comments by her guests would ultimately lead her to start her own food business.

As a marketing manager for a food manufacturer at that time, Gupta had been growing frustrated with state of food marketing, feeling that it forced consumers to compromise between quality and convenience. When her guests pointed out that the dinner she created hadn’t used any of the foods her company sold, it occurred to her that better options were needed in the market.

Shortly thereafter, Gupta founded Good Food For Good, a company that produces a line of internationally inspired dips and simmer sauces that help people prepare healthy, high quality meals with minimal effort.

“I was feeling unfulfilled with my work,” she said, “and it took me a while to find my passion.  I tried dance lessons, running, even chess.  I found it with Good Food For Good.”


For the busy consumer who is looking for high quality, tasty, and minimally processed foods, Good Food For Good makes it easy to elevate an ordinary meal to a gourmet feast.  Dips and simmer sauces can be added to any pasta or meat dish to complete the transformation.

“We make our foods with the highest quality fresh and organic ingredients and process them minimally to preserve the nutrients” said Gupta, “plus, with each purchase we donate a meal to help combat childhood hunger.”

While putting together her business plan, Gupta came across a seminar about starting a food business hosted by Enterprise Toronto and decided to attend.  She found business planning advice, contacts, and networks that propelled the business forward.

“Enterprise Toronto helped us gain valuable knowledge about starting a food business and introduced and connected us to an array of resources such as the Toronto Food Business Incubator and the Futurepreneur (formerly CYBF) program.  We were able to launch our business more quickly than anticipated as a result,” she said.

She has some advice for those starting a business – start small and scale.  One of the benefits she received by starting small was being able to make contacts in farmers markets that introduced her to a local organic farm that could provide them with the ingredients they needed to produce their dips and spreads. 

She also advises to persevere – don’t give up at the first hurdle.  Gupta had to contact a number of food suppliers before one was willing to work with a small enterprise.  If she had given up the first time a supplier turned her down, Good Food For Good would not exist. 

Finally, she recommends surrounding yourself with a support network.  Gupta works with the team at Good Food for Good who are all enthusiastic about the vision and goals of providing healthy food to consumers.  But she also gets support from her customers who often email praise about her products, and she has a network of business mentors and personal connections.  Not everyone will be supportive, but if you have more supporters than not it helps on a day when things aren’t going well.

Now Good Food For Good supplies their dips and sauces to a number of shops and markets throughout Toronto.  They also help combat childhood hunger through the sale of their food by contributing to local and international children’s charities that share the Good Food For Good values.  Gupta and her team are excited about the future and are enjoying success along the way.