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Test Your Knowledge: Developing Your Brand

January 11, 2016

“Developing Your Brand” is one of the many beneficial, seminars that are part of Food Starter’s ‘Building your Food Business’ series.  Through our “Building your Food Business’ seminars we bring the expertise of Food Industry leaders to our  community of food entrepreneurs.

Our Developing your Brand seminar is conducted by Jo-Ann Macarthur, a seasoned marketing executive with a wide base of experience in the food business. 

About the Speaker


Jo-Ann specializes in food and beverage marketing, She creates marketing strategies for companies in Canada, the US and Europe that help move products off shelves and into consumer’s shopping baskets, onto their plates and into their hearts.

Jo-Ann also lectures on Marketing at the Schulich Executive School of Business, the Association of Canadian Advertisers and Food Starter, formerly the Toronto Food Business Incubator.

She is founding chair of the Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada, a Past President of The Empire Club of Canada and serves on the board as Vice-Chair of ABC Life Literacy Canada.

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Do you think you’re in-the-know about the Canadian food industry?  Test your brand building knowledge with our quiz!

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How did you do?  If you’re a food entrepreneur with a brand to build, join Jo-Ann for our next ‘Building your Food Business Seminar, Developing your Brand’!

Find out more details and Register for the upcoming “Developing Your Brand” session now!



Connect with Jo-Ann

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