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Social Digital Series: Style

December 23, 2015

In today’s post in our continuing social digital blog series, we discuss the process of establishing a cohesive image for your brand and social channels. Be sure to check back often so that you don’t miss any of our great tips for improving your social media effectiveness.

Style guides are essential partners in the creation of effective content. They help ensure consistency of tone, voice, brand, spelling and grammar, giving our content credibility and value.

If the strategy is the why, the style guide is the how. It shapes our execution to ensure our strategy is successful.


Establishing Your Image

We always hear this advice for communicating via social media: “Be human! Be authentic! Be conversational!” But what does that mean? That can mean something different for everybody.

  • Be friendly, approachable and responsive.
  • Use inclusive language (us, we, you)
  • Talk like a person, not a machine or a press release
  • Be honest; don’t feign omniscience
  • Be expressive, when appropriate. (“Cool!” “Great news!”)
  • Find opportunities to naturally build engagement hooks into your posts

… and look good doing it!

Here is a helpful source for developing a full brand style guide.

Some Considerations to Get You Started

Kinfolk_Fermented-Foods_web-12-13_53_editedConsider the gorgeous rustic minimalism and focus on slow culture featured throughout Kinfolk Publications. the creative compositions implemented by Greenhouse Juice’s Instagram or the witty comments peppered throughout Gusto 101’s Facebook page. What social accounts could help guide your content?

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.32.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.21.06 PM


















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