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The Next Big Thing: Local Grown Salads

December 16, 2015

Introducing Zale Tabakman :  President of Local Grown Salads, storyteller and local grower of culinary herbs and greens for chef’s and retailers. Zale and his team are some of our first Accelerator members. His team also includes Jake (CFO) and Matis Stebben (Operations Manager)

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(Zale on left Matis on right)

In the Vertical Garden

Zale and Matis were the first members of the Food Starter accelerator that I had the pleasure to meet. Zale was eager to give me a tour of their oxyfruitigation operation located in the heart of the Food Starter facilities. He generously offered to let me taste test every type of green they had available, straight from the source. I was very surprised the note the significant difference in taste quality in comparison to any grocery store products. All of the greens had much more discernible flavours complimented by a lovely fresh crispy texture. 

Yes I said “oxyfruitigation”! If this vertical agriculture term is unfamiliar to you check out this video for an informative tour of Local Grown Salads courtesy of Zale himself.



Q & A With Zale

What is your strongest personal quality?

“I feel my strongest personal quality is that I truly love people! I find people to be tremendously interesting and exciting. I adore conversing with people and hearing about their personal stories, goals and ambitions.”

What do you believe is the most important element in business?

“I personally believe the most important thing in business success is to have clearly defined and ambitious life goals. I am big follower of Napoleon Hill’s classic success book “Think and Grow Rich”. I consistently read biographies of individuals who have achieved great things. For example, Ray Kroc’s biography which focuses on the history of creating MacDonald’s. After reading this I was able to develop a business model for our company to support exponential growth. I am currently reading the detailed history of Coca-Cola and a biography of Theodore Roosevelt. Through these biographies, I have learned how important vision is, and how everybody who has ever accomplished anything had to overcome tremendous obstacles. No matter, how wealthy or poor they were when they started out.”


The Vision

Did you know that pre-washed salads from the standard grocery store have bugs, insecticides, chemicals, and even bird droppings on them? That’s why they need to be pre-washed. Gross! You don’t have to worry about any of these things with Local Grown Salads.

Local Grown Salad provides exceptional salads that are organic, pesticide free, insecticide free, fungicides free, chlorine wash free, certified non-GMO and everything is grown from open pollinated organic seeds. 



On the Market

“Foodstarter has helped Local Grown Salads with the connections and credibility it provides. We have developed our first licensee through a Food Starter introduction, where we have had the oppertunity to meet directly with over 50 potential customers during a small trade show. Every single day, we meet people from a number of corporations, the education sector, and other many other entrepreneurs. Because of Dana, Carlos and Michael Wolfson our name and story is spreading everywhere.”

Local Grown Salads’ short term goals include selling to local retailers, small chains and food service as well as focusing on further developing a notably sustainable food supply chain. Some challenges they may face as they grow will include scalability. 


Connect with Local Grown Salads

Check back in the coming months for all the spicy details about Local Grown Salads’ business progress!  In the meantime follow them on their social platforms to keep up with their special offers and demonstration schedule.

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