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The Next Big Thing: Jaswant’s Kitchen

December 3, 2015

Introducing Jessie (Jaswant)  Kular: Creator of Jaswant’s Kitchen, nutritionist and cooking mama extraordinaire! Her company, Jaswant’s Kitchen is one of our first Accelerator members at Foodstarter. 


Jaswant’s Kitchen is a producer of 100% natural Indian spice blends that make it extremely easy to create authentic and healthy Indian meals.

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In the Kitchen

To Jaswant “it doesn’t really feel like work” creating her products, and the process is certainly anything but boring. With the help and encouragement of her entrepreneurial daughters, who saw great potential in her kitchen creations, Jaswant is making Indian food easier to cook, as well as bringing a high standard from her family of foodies to yours.

The Vision

Jaswant’s Kitchen has a certain family focus at heart. “Food is a big deal in our family” she says. “We want to allow people with busy lifestyles to experience a healthy homecooked meal even if they don;t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen” 

Jaswant has a number of quick and tasty recipes published on her website that are easy for anyone to make using her masala, curry and lentil blends.

“Our kitchen blends are a great option if you want to preserve the indian cooking culture in your family. It’s also great for those new to Indian cooking who want to experiment with new flavours, textures and tastes.”  

On the Market

Jaswant’s kitchen products are currently stocked in 15 gourmet stores around the GTA.  They also recently started suppling spices to their first restaurant based client, and hope to expand further into this market. Jaswant is currently focusing on expanding their retail presence. “We will be working with Food Starter to optimize the operations of our quickly expanding business.”

“Already we havereceived attention from a few sources” These include The Globe & Mail, Chatelain, Martha Stewart’s blog and Steven & Chris. Jaswant also recently won the best curry award at the Good Food Festival! Imagine what they’ll accomplish now that they have the support of the Food Starter community!  

Connect with Jaswant’s Kitchen

Check back in the coming months for all the spicy details about Jaswant’s business progress!  In the meantime follow them on their social platforms to keep up with their special offers and demonstration schedule.

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