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Social Digital Series: 30 Day Challenge

November 17, 2015


If you’re looking to radically step up your social game by providing interesting and engaging content to your audience a 30 day challenge is a great way to get motivated!

This challenge has been adapted from Anna Zissou’s original 30 day challenge on Cynefin Co, especially for members of Food Starter.

Use and search the Hashtag #FoodStarterTo to see what’s going on in our community.


30 Day Challenge

If you’re like most small business owners, coming up with content is at the top of your list. Whether it’s finding the time to create social media content, or just figuring out what to post on a day-to-day basis — it’s easy to let coming up with content ideas slow you down. 

Take things one day at a time. Don’t worry. Most of these can be completed in a matter of minutes. So, its less “to do list” and more fun.

As you get started, pay attention to what works well and what your audience seems to be most engaged with. The more you know about your online community, the easier it will be to create great content!

If you commit to making it all the way through, you’ll have a lot of information about what your audience likes. You’ll also be able to see how much you can accomplish in just a few minutes a day.

Best of luck!


Ready to Get Started? Here Are 30 Ideas For You to Try Out:

1. Take a picture of your workspace

Give people a look behind the scenes. Invite them to get to know your business, and build the type of trust you need to turn them into a client or customer.

2. Answer / Ask a question

You’re may already be answering questions from customers every single day. Chances are a lot of the people who follow your updates  will have some of the same questions! Pick one question and answer it today. Use relevant hashtags to widen your audience.

3. Introduce you newest employee or customer on social media

Make a more human connection. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. One of the best ways to build that trust is to show real people using or talking about your products or services.

4. Share something popular

If something is popular at your store or on your website, chances are it will be popular on social media too. Highlight your most popular assets. Even if you’ve posted a link before, there’s a good chance a lot of people missed it the first time. This is especially true on a high volume site like Twitter. You can link to a popular blog posts or web page multiple times to drive traffic to your website.

5. Show Gratitude

Post a photo of something your are grateful for. Show your thankfulness for something bigger picture, or appreciate the small things in life.

6. Post a fill-in-the-blank or punny joke

This is a great way to encourage customers to engage with you and share their ideas. Entertainment is a big part of why people go on social media in the first place. Look for opportunities to have fun with fans and followers – just be sure to stay true to your brand.

7. Share something about a community event you’re looking forward to

Small businesses play an important role in the community. If your business speaks to a local clientele, look for opportunities to connect with your surroundings and be part of the local conversation.

8. Post an article that supports the benefits of your product or business

Its a great idea to emphasize the health benefits of your product, your unique take of packaging safety or the outstanding ethical standards of your food supply chain. Get people emotionally invested in what you do by proving merit and value.

9. Share your personal story

Every business and organization has a story — some longer than others. Look for opportunities to share pieces of that story and let people know why you do what you do.

10. Share Food Starter’s content or someone else’s

You do not have to create every piece of content from scratch. In fact, sharing other people’s content is a great way to build relationships for your business and can also help position you as a source of helpful information. #FoodStarterTO

11. Participate in a challenge, chat or use a common hashtags

There are of course a number of commonly used hashtags relative to the food industry, your business, and some specific to Toronto. #TorontoEats #Foodie #Entrepreneur #Startup #Toronto #TorontoEvents #Foodie #WhereToEat #DineTo #Startup # There are a number of twitter chats happening monthly within the city and across the globe.

12. Be a Part of Something Bigger

Be sure to get involved with social good movements or some kind of community that fosters creative growth. Food Starter is an example of this. There are also many more throughout the city of Toronto.

13. Share some inspiration

What inspires you? It could be an article you read online, a quote that you think your audience would connect with, or a story about something that happened during your week.

14. Highlight a customer of the month

Don’t just show your customers talking about you; talk about your customers! Once a month, pick one special customer or supporter and celebrate them. If they are a fan or a follower, you can easily tag them and they will receive a notification that you’re featuring them!

15. Share something about an event that you recently attended

Even if it isn’t an event directly related to your business, sharing something about a local event can be a great way to connect with your community.Did you take notes or snap any pictures? Have you seen any articles or blog posts about the event that you think your audience would be interested in? Share it and let people see what you’ve been up to. Pay attention to what worked well at that event and think about how your business or organization could host something successful as well.

16. Share an attention grabbing statistic or infographic

Have you read an interesting statistic or new study that relates to your industry and you think people would be interested in? Share it! Stats catch people’s attention and are a great form of shareable content. These days, you can find an infographic about anything.

17. Ask your audience a multiple choice question

This is a great way to boost engagement and also gives your audience the chance to share their ideas. You can use multiple choice questions a lot of different ways. Ask fans for feedback about what service qualities are most important to them, what their favorite product is, or even something fun like which award show performance they most enjoyed!

18. Create a video, featuring people or products from your business. Or make some kind of tutorial.

With a smartphone, you can snap a quick video and automatically share it on Facebook or Twitter. Or even use Instagram’s video feature to create a shareable 15-second video from your store or office. It’s easy! 

19. Do a repeat of something that worked well

Take a look at some of the content you’ve shared in the past. Was there a particular tweet that generated a lot of retweets, or a photo on Instagram that saw a ton of comments? Don’t worry about creating new ideas every time you post. What kinds of recurring posts do you think your audience would enjoy?

*20. Have a coffee date with a colleague, client, customer or other food expert.

Were all busy, however it’s so important to keep things in perspective while you’re working hard to achieve your dreams. Share you success stories and lessons learned with a friend. This could be a great opportunity to visit a new restaurant, cafe or another interesting venue in the neighbourhood. Snap an interesting photo while your out and tell a story that resonates with the day. Try to keep the tone positive and adventurous. Content connected to authentic experiences will always be more engaging to your audience. It brings a much needed personal connection to the nosey world of social media. Be truly social!

21. In action

Keep your audience up to date on foodie adventures and missions. What did you learn at food starter today? Who did you connect with this week? what did you do differently? What’s next?

22. Original creative content

You can make an image stand out by editing it online or on a mobile phone app. Find a tool that allows you to edit images by adding text, filters, or overlays. Get creative!

23. Correct a common misconception that relates to your industry

Try to teach your audience something they didn’t know, or even misunderstood, about your industry. This is an easy way to share your expertise and hopefully spark a conversation with fans and followers. Education is a powerful tool for building relationships online.

24. Talk about your favourite things

Have you read something good lately (book / blog / newsletter/ magazine)? Start a discussion. This is a great way to connect with fans and followers beyond talking about the products you sell or the services you offer. Consider creating a reading list you think your audience would enjoy. These lists are easy to create and you can always ask your staff and customers to add to the list.

25. Give a shout out to another local business or organization

Picking up lunch at a local restaurant? Snap a picture and share it with your audience. Are you following other local organizations on Facebook or Twitter? Share one of their posts and show some support.

26. Show off your expertise with a helpful tip

Chances are you know a ton of tips and tricks your audience would love. Write down a list of helpful tips related to a particular product or service you provide. You may even have tips from customers. Share them and make sure to mention the customer in your post.

27. Post something in celebration of a company milestone, birthday, or little-known holiday

You fans and followers really do care about your success and want to be there to celebrate it. Let them in on the celebration by talking about it. Consider Inviting your customers to celebrate with you by creating a special offer for them to take advantage of. Who doesn’t love a celebration? 

28. Cross-promote with others

Have an upcoming product sale or product launch? Posted an informative blog series? Holding a contest? Sharing content across advocates’ networks is such a great way to bring your social media audiences together.

29. Ask people to join your mailing list

Posting to social media is a great way to keep people up-to-date and build an online community. If you want to reach your audience even more effectively, encourage them to join your mailing list. Do be clear about what and how often you send, so they know what they’re signing up for. Also Make sure they have the option to unsubscribe at any time. No one likes spam!

30. Thank your customers for their support

Here’s an easy one — say thanks! Get creative with this if you can.. try a video or graphic. If you’re feeling generous, consider holding a giveaway. It’s never a bad idea to let your customers know how much they mean to you. Tell them what they mean to you and they’ll show you the same with their continued business.


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