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Why do Canadians want to support home grown brands

June 15, 2015


A recent Huffington Post article by Adrienne Down Coulson, caught our attention here at Food Starter.

Down-Coulson’s article, entitled ‘Why Canadians Are Loyal to Homegrown Products’ explains the

findings of a study conducted by her employer Ebates Canada.

The research — conducted online in June 2015 with a random, nationally representative sample of 1,096

Canadians — reveals that Canadians are smitten with many homegrown products but are especially

keen to access Canadian made foods.

Needless to say this news is encouraging for those planning to start a food business in Canada. Here are

some highlights from the study that could be useful “food for thought” if you’re “noodling” on an idea

for a new Canadian food company:

  • 87 % indicated a preference to buy food from Canadian producers
  • 92 % of Canadians say they make a point of purchasing Canadian brands and products
  • Across the country, people over age 45 are more likely than younger cohorts to buy Canadian

    brands and products, citing a motivation to keep jobs in Canada and support our economy


The survey also strives to define the criteria consumers use to classify a brand as Canadian. The

researchers found that 68 % of those surveyed acknowledge that most of a company’s products must be

made in Canada. Likewise 57 % agreed that most of their workforce must be based in Canada to qualify

as a Canadian company worthy of their support.

This study serves as a good reminder to manufacturers of all sizes that being Canadian is an asset! So, if

you’re a manufacturing start-up try some of these tactics to underline your Canadian origins to retail

buyers and consumers:

  • Consider adding a prominent “Made in Canada” call out to your packaging to help consumers

    easily find Canadian products when they visit the store

  • Choose a .ca instead of a .com website address to highlight that your company operates north of

    the 49th parallel

  • Create a supply chain that includes as many Canadian sourced items as possible and, if it’s

    possible, publicly set a target to become 100% Canadian made and sourced within a specific

    time frame


What’s your favourite Canadian food product? Or, more importantly, what products do you wish were

Canadian made but aren’t?