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Get Cracking! Join our Food Business Incubator

June 15, 2015

Since joining Food Starter, one of the questions I’m asked most often is ‘So, what is a Food Business Incubator?


If one of your primary school teachers created a classroom project where she positioned a light bulb over a chicken or duck egg nestled in wood shavings or straw, then you know firsthand what an incubator does: it’s a controlled environment designed to nurture a potential life.

A food business incubator is pretty much the same. Specifically, Food Starter is a not-for-profit company that helps fledgling and start-up food processors to become viable, independent businesses. Like all business incubators we provide on-going, dynamic business support; however, at Food Starter all of our programs are developed to ensure our entrepreneurs acquire the specific and unique skill sets needed to succeed as food manufacturers. To that end, we provide 24-hour access to shared and private production spaces and access to a variety of shared packaging systems so that many different types of products – from baked goods to salad dressing – can be produced economically in a safe, provincially inspected facility.

Food business incubators are quite different from culinary or general food incubators. While we focus our services on start-ups who want to create packaged foods to sell through retail channels, culinary incubators most often focus on helping restaurateurs, caterers and other food businesses who will sell fresh foods directly to the public.

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