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Social Digital Series: Frequency

January 6, 2015

In today’s post in our continuing social digital blog series, we discuss how to establish the ideal frequency for your social posts. Be sure to check back often so that you don’t miss any of our great tips for improving your social media effectiveness.


If you want to keep it simple, aim to post once daily during one of these peak hours: 10am, 12pm – 1pm, 4pm, and 6pm. For some more targeted results see the below platform specifics.


Connect your Twitter account to Buffer. Buffer gives will curate content you’ve submitted on your behalf during what they determine to be your peak hours during the day. Generally the best times to post on weekdays and weekends based on your audiences past interactions with your tweets.

Twitter is the one platform where you may want to post more than once a day. However Twitter differs from other platforms due to its more public nature and fast pace. So, it’s alright to post repeat content here. Just make sure that you’re leaving enough time between these posts. *Sticking to the 70 / 30 sharing rule here is encouraged. (Share 70% of other people’s work for every 30% you share your own work.) This keep your tone conversational rather then broadcasting and self interested.


 Head on over to Iconosquare to find out when your audience is interacting most.

The latest stats show that my people hang out on Instagram Tuesdays at 10pm, Wednesdays at 11am and 7pm, Thursdays at 2pm, Fridays at 1pm and 3pm, and Saturdays at 5pm.

Aim to post at least once per day. However, this platform especially speaks to quality over quantity. Be confident that anything you are posting to this channel in particular, is in line with your brand and looks on point. With that said, the more consistently you post, the more followers and engagement you will see.


Expert Insight

“Today, more than ever, it is about how one builds the relationship. You don’t have to be in the face of your customer everyday but rather make it worth their while to remember you. Create events that will enable your customers to participate and share their experience while celebrating their joy of being.”

Paule Genest | PGPR | @ypgpr 


“Today, many marketing professionals understand that you can’t use social media exclusively as an advertising tool and that you should be connecting and sharing information as well as providing fresh, interesting content. That said, we continue to see a lot of advertising-like tweets being posted by brands. Developing an editorial calendar and creating original, fresh content can elevate your brand on social media and keep your audience from hitting the ignore or unfollow button.”

Saskia Brussaard | President | Crave Public Relations – A boutique PR firm specializing in food, wellness and lifestyle.


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