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Food Starter Membership In addition to having access to Answer Box, the Food Starter Membership Program provides entrepreneurs with access to Food Starter’s facility and programming at a reduced cost, as well as put an entire team of food sector experts in their corner.

A Food Starter membership delivers the resources and information food entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses.

By becoming a Food Starter member, entrepreneurs get the following benefits:

  • 24 hour access to leading industry consultants from all disciplines
  • Online problem solving forum
  • Low cost marketing activities and events
  • Inclusion in exclusive Food Entrepreneur online and real life networking events
  • Special discounted rates on programs, seminar and facility fees


Meet a Food Starter Member

jane-fsmemberJane, is a locally based food entrepreneur. She wants to expand her business over the next 6 months. She’s off to a great start; revenues are growing steadily but her team is small and everyone is already working at maximum capacity to keep up with day-to-day work.

Jane and her team often encounter business development and technical industry questions that require expertise they don’t have access to  in-house. They need access to reliable information and expertise from a trusted source.  

After finding Food Starter’s information on our website, and witnessing the engaging online discussion through our social channels, Jane is confident in the valuable benefits our community could provide for her. Food starter is a place where she can find resources, seek referrals to consultants as well as access to the training that will help her to grow her business. 

Jane attends one of our weekly tours, and is satisfied that she has found the right place for her. Jane is excited to join the program the following week!


Join now for $365 a year.

* Food Starter’s regular in-house consulting rates range from $50 to $100
** Visit our seminars page for more information about pricing for Building your Food Business Seminars
*** Click here to see rates for our shared use production, packaging and bakery facilities




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Program Advantages
  • Network and learn from other food entrepreneurs.
  • Access to food sector mentors and resources.
  • Low-cost marketing activities and events.
  • Reduced rates on training and advisory services.
  • Discounted access to Food Starter's production and packaging space.