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Beware of Gluten-Free Claims
May 18, 2017

by Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain & Associates "Gluten free" has spread like wildfire. In hot pursuit of sales, brand owners are jumping on the bandwagon and gluten-free products appear to have taken over the grocery [...]
5 Challenges Food Startups Must Overcome
May 15, 2017

Don’t worry—PieShell and Food Starter are here to help! by Caroline Halter, PieShell Food startups are hard… really hard. Luckily, there is better support for food and beverage entrepreneurs than ever before. From [...]
Recipe to Retail Part 4: Why You Need a Brand
May 9, 2017

by Birgit Blain Setting the Stage for Success Building a sustainable brand is a slow process. And it takes money, lots of it! Formulating a well-thought-out brand strategy before taking the plunge will reduce the [...]
Halal Labelling Requirements
May 4, 2017

by Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain & Associates With the growing demand for halal products, a halal designation is an opportunity to reach an ethnically diverse market. Marketing foods as “halal” is considered a claim, according [...]
The future of Ontario’s innovative food industry!
May 2, 2017

This year at AMI's annual Food and Beverage Conference, held in Niagara Falls, many of the food industry leaders in Ontario came together to discuss the future of food in our province. The meeting gave [...]
Recipe to Retail Part 3: Getting Inside the Customer's Head
April 27, 2017

by Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain and Associates No matter how incredibly delicious your product is, taste alone does not guarantee commercial success. Getting to know the customer and meeting their needs are key ingredients for [...]
Do You Have a "Go To Market Strategy" to Drive
April 18, 2017

by Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy Once upon a time, there was a tube of toothpaste. It was called Crest, or Colgate, or maybe Pepsodent. You chose your brand and went on your way. Today [...]
Crowdfunding & The Art of the Ask
April 13, 2017

by Caroline Halter, PieShell At PieShell we think of crowdfunding as more closely related to charitable giving than anything else. A large percentage of people who contribute to crowdfunding projects do so not for rewards, [...]
Recipe to Retail Part 2: Cracking the Competition
April 4, 2017

by Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain and Associates Thousands of packaged food products are launched annually in Canada. The success rate is remarkably low. According to Nielsen, a global consumer research firm, over 85% of new [...]
Government Grants for Food Manufacturers in 2017
March 30, 2017

by Mentor Works Ltd. Early-stage manufacturing businesses are in constant need of investment to support their continued growth and success. Without a constant supply of funds to satisfy R&D and production, among other [...]