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The Next Big Thing Posts
The Next Big Thing - Living Farmacy: Beyond Smooth
September 5, 2017

By Charmian Christie, The Messy Baker Living Farmacy wasn’t born in a single moment, but evolved from a series of events spanning 20+ years. It began when Kim Chung, a broke student, spent her [...]
The Next Big Thing: SwitchGrocery - A Direct Link to Innovation
August 14, 2017

By Charmian Christie, The Messy Baker Four years ago, Neha Charnalia set out to commercialize a cauliflower pizza crust. Pre-diabetic and diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Neha struggled to find a way to maintain [...]
The Next Big Thing: Yumba Meal Delivery Service
May 25, 2017

by Amanda Scriver For many busy folks, creating a meal plan can seem like a somewhat daunting task. Young professionals and small families can spend a lot of time balancing their busy schedules day-in and [...]
The Next Big Thing: Jaswant’s Kitchen - Bringing traditional Indian
February 9, 2017

By Perry King When Nimi Kular moved away from home and tried to replicate her mother’s traditional Indian dishes, she found she couldn’t quite get the spices right.   Her mother, Jaswant, arrived in [...]
The Next Big Thing: Rubee Roselle mixes mindfulness and quality
February 7, 2017

By Vibhu Gairola Rubee Roselle is, in essence, a healthy fruit drink, but as a product, it does prove hard to summarise within one sentence. If you ask its creator, Rae Williams, all she can [...]
The Next Big Thing: NH Foods - Bringing kebbeh to Canadians,
February 2, 2017

By Perry King Nader Hallal built a business around a simple but delicious middle eastern food with Canadian -- and international -- appeal. Hallal is the founder of NH Foods Inc. and creator of Kabkeb Snacks, his [...]
The Next Big Thing: Gryllies brings sustainable, “future-friendly” cricket protein
January 31, 2017

By Vibhu Gairola Food trends in Toronto are usually here today and gone by later-today, but Esther Jiang has an irresistible pitch: “a protein that’s more nutritious than beef, easier for your body to [...]
The Next Big Thing: Fressy Bessie leapfrogs from farmer’s
January 26, 2017

By Vibhu Gairola Jackie Kwitko’s company might only just be starting to take off, but the CEO of Fressy Bessie, a business specialising in addictive, home-cooked munchies and lunches for kids and families, says [...]
The Next Big Thing: Premium Near Beer Launches for Non-Drinkers
January 13, 2017

What is a beer aficionado to do when he is forced to quit alcohol for health reasons? This one built a business around sourcing high-quality nonalcoholic options for Canadians. By Deena Douara A devout Muslim, [...]
The Next Big Thing: Duke Brother's Coffee
March 1, 2016

Robert Fuller and William Roberts are the co-founders of Duke Brother's Coffee. This small business is at the leading edge of a new and growing trend: cold-brewed coffee. If the taste wasn’t enough to [...]