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Product Development Posts
Recipe to Retail Part 1: Transforming Recipes into Packaged Products
March 21, 2017

by Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain and Associates For food entrepreneurs aspiring to see their creations on retail store shelves, there is much they need to know. This is the first in a series of articles [...]
How Food Safety Culture can Protect and Grow Your Bottom
March 16, 2017

By Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain and Associates If you’re in the food business, ensuring your products are safe is a moral obligation. What does food safety culture look like (in layman’s terms)? Food [...]
Enterprise Toronto’s Business Plan Review
March 8, 2017

A solid business plan is a “roadmap” for your business. It allows you to prepare, focus, and set goals – particularly your financial goals. It shows where you are going and how you will get there. [...]
Overview on Software Systems for Small Food Processors
February 21, 2017

By Simon de Groot As a follow up to a seminar on inventory control in small food processing companies, the discussion revealed a need for a cost effective solution for startups (zero to 3 years [...]
A Quick Look at the Science Behind Product Packaging
February 3, 2017

By Direct Packaging Solutions With sustainability and convenience being key concerns for many Canadians, the product packaging industry has seen many innovations such as bottled water in liquid cartons and smaller PET formats in recent [...]
Safe Food for Canadians Act: What does it mean for
January 17, 2017

by Birgit Blain, Birgit Blain & Associates  If you are in the food business – preparing, packaging, importing, exporting or distributing – the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) could have a major impact on your business. [...]
GROCERY WARS – Winning Customer Loyalty in the Age of Product
December 2, 2016

by Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy Higher product transparency is increasingly becoming a global business requirement for companies across multiple markets and industries. So what is the definition of product transparency with respect to the [...]
Forecasting Basics - The Income Statement
November 10, 2016

By Frank Luengo, Sonora Foods Ltd.  In a previous post I talked about how you can organize your income statement to facilitate ratio analysis. The same income statement format can be used for common margin [...]
Customers Want Your Story. Here's How to Give it to
November 3, 2016

by Tom Bryce-Hart, Local Line Trends come and go, and businesses rise and fall with them. 40 years ago the trend was set by Earl Butz. It was his dream to see fencerow after fencerow [...]
GROCERY WARS - Emergence of the Kosher Certified Market!
October 31, 2016

by Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy Like a stealth plane that can fly virtually undetected, the Kosher food market has carved a significant niche for itself with little or no fanfare. So exactly, what is [...]