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Food Starter focuses on helping entrepreneurs activate their fresh ideas and ambitions in food. By providing a launchpad for discovery, creation and success, Food Starter helps food entrepreneurs realize their potential.

We offer programs and services that food entrepreneurs need. From our intensive 3-stage Food Commercialization Program to Consulting Services and Mentoring, we’re here to help you succeed!

Latest News

  • Traceability in your Food Business May 27, 2016
    by Kristen Palynchuk, Food Industry Quality Coach, The Quality CoachIn light of a string of numerous Listeria-related recalls, effective and efficient traceability is key to improving consumers’ trust in the food industry. Both large and small players need to actively [...]
    Food Starter now offers Food Business Training On Demand! May 24, 2016
    Food Starter has made exciting changes to our Food Commercialization Program to make it more flexible and easier to use than ever before! Starting June 1, entrepreneurs can start training and producing at Food Starter whenever they like. Take Food [...]
  • Label Trends: Get in 'The Clear' May 24, 2016
    by Lisa Reed, BSC[caption id="attachment_1596" align="aligncenter" width="265"] The latest trend in labels for food products is to be as clear as possible so that consumers feel well-informed[/caption]Are these vegetables local? Is this coffee fair-trade? [...]
    Navigating Canada’s Public Funding Landscape: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind May 17, 2016
    By  Jessica Taylor, Sr. Analyst – Food & Food Systems at Bioenterprise Public funding is unchartered territory for many, especially entrepreneurs starting their first venture or entering a new market. Often times program guides are littered with unfamiliar vocabulary and requirements [...]
  • Take the Supertaster Test! May 02, 2016
    Have you ever heard the term 'supertaster' being used and wondered what it really means? Well read on, this blog is all about defining what the term means and sharing with you, ways in which you can find out whether [...]
    Do my eyes deceive me? Sight and its role in the sensory evaluation of food March 30, 2016
    by Sarah Cowen, Director of Sensory Services, Hale FoodAs you may already know, sight is one of the 5 human senses along with, taste, touch, smell and hearing. What many people underestimate is how critical sight is in food choice [...]