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Food Starter focuses on helping entrepreneurs activate their fresh ideas and ambitions in food. By providing a launchpad for discovery, creation and success, Food Starter helps food entrepreneurs realize their potential.

We offer programs and services that food entrepreneurs need. From our intensive 3-stage Food Commercialization Program to Consulting Services and Mentoring, we’re here to help you succeed!

Latest News

  • Take the Supertaster Test! May 02, 2016
    Have you ever heard the term 'supertaster' being used and wondered what it really means? Well read on, this blog is all about defining what the term means and sharing with you, ways in which you can find out whether [...]
    Do my eyes deceive me? Sight and its role in the sensory evaluation of food March 30, 2016
    by Sarah Cowen, Director of Sensory Services, Hale FoodAs you may already know, sight is one of the 5 human senses along with, taste, touch, smell and hearing. What many people underestimate is how critical sight is in food choice [...]
  • The Next Big Thing: Duke Brother's Coffee March 01, 2016
    Robert Fuller and William Roberts are the co-founders of Duke Brother's Coffee. This small business is at the leading edge of a new and growing trend: cold-brewed coffee. If the taste wasn’t enough to convert you consider this: a [...]
    The Next Big Thing: Brian of Craft Dogs February 28, 2016
    Brian Morin is a foodservice consultant specializing in menu development, systemization and training for restaurants, pubs and breweries. As a Certified Chef de Cuisine with over thirty years of experience, Brian has a clear vision and passion for hospitality and [...]
  • Naturally Delicious - Inspiration from Good Food For Good February 13, 2016
    When Richa Gupta hosted a dinner party of homemade Mexican fare, she never could have imagined that casual conversations and comments by her guests would ultimately lead her to start her own food business.As a marketing manager for a [...]
    The Next Big Thing: Tropix Coconut Drops February 04, 2016
    You may or may not be familiar with coconut drops. These treats have been loved by generations of Jamaican schoolchildren.The drops are clusters of chewy, glorious, sun kissed goodness, but not too sweet. Coconut Drops have been a big [...]